Yahoo Screen is debuting Failure Club

Posted on November 19, 2011


Yahoo is debuting Failure Club, a new web series produced by Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets based on the original Failure Club created by Philip Kiracofe & Gunil Chung in 2004.

As in the real-world Failure Club, the seven participants in the docudrama meet every two weeks for a year to help each other achieve the things they’d otherwise never dare to do.  The members ar

  • Gina – Her goal is to win a blue ribbon in an equestrian jumping competition – within 1 year
  • Meg – Her goal is to perform a live stand-up comedy routine for an audience of 200 – within 1 year
  • Liz – Her goal is to start a Handyman referral business with 10,000 customers – within 1 year
  • Eric – His goal is to build a custom motorcycle and lead across-country ride in honor of his dad – within 1 year
  • Elizabeth – Her goal is to write a new Christmas song that becomes a top ten seller on iTunes – within 1 year
  • Ignacio – His goal is to launch a men’s haberdashery and a new designer line for men – within 1 year
  • Jess – Her goal is to launch a catering business and land 100 clients – within 1 year

Success is far from guaranteed, and there will be many, many failures along the way.  Join them on their journey

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