The Failure Club is a year-long commitment.  If you would like to be considered for a project in 2012, please fill out this online form here.


Nearly anything that is big, audacious, crazy, zany, or seemingly impossible can be A Failure Club project.   The only area that we shy away from are personal relationships (eg “My project is to be married by the end of the year”), because projects are about individual personal growth.  The outcome of your project should not force a significant other to deviate from their own path.  Other than that, the only limits are your imagination.

Below are some examples of past and current projects that were pursued for a year.  They span the full spectrum, and only common elements are the audacity of the dream and the courage to put in 100% despite overwhelming odds.  In no particular order:

  • Perform a triple lutz (she was not an ice skater, and had no interest in learning other moves, she simply wanted to say she had done a triple lutz)
  • Create a web cartoon-style PSA about the impact of plastic on the environment, with a target of 6MM views (a freelance director with no prior experience in animation, web marketing, or viral campaigns)
  • Become a print model with at least 2 national campaigns (an IT geek with no professional training or background in modeling)
  • Do a stand-up comedy show for an audience of 150 paying guests (he had no prior experience, lacked a venue, and candidly, was not terribly funny)
  • Become a National Geographic Explorer (a recent MBA advising Fortune 500 companies by day, and pursuing this project in parallel)
  • Headline a significant show in NYC as a DJ (a recent graduate applying to law schools who had a love of turntables, but had never performed outside of some house parties with friends)
  • Take 12 significant ‘vacation’ trips, including 5 international, without impacting his job (a real estate agent whose livelihood depended on being close to home and reachable at any time)
  • Qualify for the US Amateur Golf Championship tournament (a passionate, albeit casual golfer with a full-time office job)
  • Create a captivating public quilt exhibit from pieces in his private collection, and have the exhibit displayed in a prestigious national museum (a recognized authority on the topic, but one which was seemingly so esoteric that there would never be sufficient public interest)
  • Record and produce a song that gets regional airtime play (a father who wrote a song for his daughter’s wedding that so moved the guests, they implored him to have it recorded to share with the world)
  • Create a “Karmic Auction” for everyday  items where the “currency” is Pay It Forward Acts of Kindness (try explaining the business model behind this idea)
  • Direct/Produce a reality TV show based on The Failure Club (a management consultant with no prior experience in entertainment or contacts in the industry)
  • Insert you dream here _________________________

Most projects ‘failed’ in their designated year.  A small percentage succeeded, and a couple more succeeded after the first year because the member had built up enough momentum and continued working on it, having overcome the fear of ‘failure.’

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