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Truly embracing failure, even if intellectually appealing, requires rigorous practice before it can become a natural, ingrained approach to life.  Joining (or launching) a Failure Club Pod adds a high degree of accountability to your commitment and creates a natural support structure with positive peer pressure to continually chip away at the bonds holding you back.   Your trusted peers will evaluate your proposed project to assess whether it is sufficiently challenging, and will hold you to your self-established milestones over the course of the one-year time frame.

A reciprocated commitment to pushing the boundaries, combined with the counter-intuitive focus on the ‘lure’ of failure, creates an environment in which pursuing ambitious, life-defining goals becomes the norm. In The Failure Club, you will find yourself in the company of everyday people taking on extraordinary challenges, and having a blast facing the hurdles that normally derail us in life.

Size: The optimal is 8-12 passionate, committed members

Geographic Proximity: Members of each pod commit to meeting face-face at least twice per month, and additional informal meet-ups are encouraged.  As such, it is recommended that you join a pod nearby your home.  If there is not currently one in your area, its easy to start a new Pod.  Most communications will occur via digital media, so even frequent travel should not preclude active contributions to your local chapter.

Demographics: The Failure Club concept transcends age, gender, race, religion, language, occupation, and all the other buckets that we traditionally use to ‘define’ ourselves.  As such, there are no parameters for membership and we believe that diverse pods help push the boundaries by introducing a broad range of perspectives and life experiences.

Costs: None – at least in financial terms.
Intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, philosophically – it will be a ‘taxing’ journey.

Structure: The fixed ‘requirements’ relate to:
(a) how projects are proposed/approved
(b) a minimum of two face-to-face group meetings per month, and
(c) transparency in tracking progress for all projects
beyond that, it is largely up to the founder and members of each pod to adopt and/or create the structures that best fit your needs.  There is a culture of collaboration woven into The Failure Club, so support and brainstorming is always available.

Visit pods.thefailureclub.org to get the process started

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