Philip Kiracofe

Philip Kiracofe, Co-founder, The Failure Club

In the Failure Club, we believe ‘success’ is what people are willing to settle for when they are afraid to fail at something truly life-defining.

By nearly any measure, Philip has had plenty of ‘successes’ since arriving in NYC in 1994. During the first dotcom boom in Silicon Alley, he helped launch a diverse range of companies including a pioneer online grocery service, the first large scale social networking site, and a $220MM venture incubator fund.

In 2004, he co-founded The Failure Club, a support group that defies the basic conventions of success, failure and fulfillment by challenging members to tackle an inspiring project so audacious and bold that they are nearly certain to fail. His first project was to raise a $10M venture fund in a year. He failed. It took 3.

Inspired, and now liberated from fear, he has checked off myriad dream projects – he trained a service dog; made a barrel of Shiraz; completed the Comrades ultramarathon; and summited Mt Kilimanjaro. In 2009, he co-founded Travelcology to leverage adventure travel in solving society-scale challenges, and Mountain Bike Ayiti is hosting the first international race in Haiti.

Philip currently splits his time between midtown Manhattan and Cape Town, South Africa.

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